Gallery: Micron Campaign Silver Roller

Fans watching Takara Tomy’s celebration of the Transformers 30th Anniversary as well as their release of the Transformers 4: Lost Age/Age of Extinction line have no doubt seen the four campaign Microns that are being offered at certain retailers in Japan to all those who spend 3,000 yen or more on Transformers product. These Microns are clear redecoes of the Targetmasters/Micromasters originally packed with the Transformers Generations Legends – Silver Roller from Roller, Buzzsaw from Waspinator, Jolt from Blazemaster, and Beetchop from Chopshop.
Well now the is proud to share with you a small gallery of images for Silver Roller! This version of the mold uses dark translucent smoke where Roller uses gray, and a sparkled clear where Roller has blue. It also has a silver face opposed to Roller’s light blue. Check out our images below: