Age of Extinction Wallpaper Mural

Toy “R” Us UK has listed a massive 8ft x 10ft wallpaper mural featuring Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into battle, with Bumblebee, Crosshairs, and Drift looking on. The item is listed for £44.99. The description of the wallpaper mural is as follows:
“Transform your bedroom with this awesome Transformers Wallpaper Mural! Walltastic is the next generation of interactive designer wallpaper murals for children. This unique alternative to traditional children’s bedroom accessories is an easy and cost effective way of decorating children’s bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms and games rooms.
Walltastic is a wallpaper backed wallcovering that covers any wall area up to 8ft x 10ft. Each product comes in 12 panels which means it is easily applicable and flexible according to how much space needs covering. It comes rolled up similar to wallpaper.”

View the listing here.