WonderCon Anaheim 2014 “Gobots: Warner Archive Collection & Beyond!” Panel Video

For those that weren’t able to attend WonderCon Anaheim 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Sunday, April 20, saw a panel held by the Warner Archive Collection on spotlighting the Challenge of the GoBots DVD release. Guests include GoBots story editor and original voice of Fitor, Kelly Ward; story editor/writer Alan Burnett; original voice of Leader-1, Lou Richards; and WAC Podcast hosts Matthew Patterson and D.W. Ferranti.
The panel covers a bit of the history of the GoBots franchise, such as the toys coming over from Japan to the US, to Burnett talking a bit of the history on the cartoon, and including a news clip showing the rivalry with the Transformers franchise. Ward, Burnett, and Richards also go a bit further in depth on behind the scenes of working the cartoon with their fellow cast and crew members.
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