TV Magazine: Transformers Victory, Part 7 of 11

“TV Magazine: Transformers Victory, Part 7 of 11”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine
Source: TV Magazine, Sep. 1989

Hydra’s comments
Perceptor’s back from his one series vacation, and ready to get crackin’! I thought it was great how they brought him in for this and went through the various weak points of Star Saber. Way too often, the main character of robot anime is described as virtually invincible, and they just have to get the obligatory power up to make them more invincible! In this case, we get a month to meditate over Star Saber’s shortcomings first. Magami Ban’s artwork for Star Saber’s prototype combination parts is really cool, so I scanned it at higher size so you can get a good look. I’ll leave it to some awesome kitbasher to sculpt toy versions of the prototype parts! Incidentally, Perceptor also appeared in the Victory anime, along with Minerva, who supervised when God Ginrai underwent the operation to become Victory Leo. I scanned part of the magazine cover so you can see the transforming cardboard Star Saber that originally came with it. Too bad I didn’t get my hands on it…