TV Magazine: Transformers 2010, Part 3 of 7

“TV Magazine: Transformers 2010, Part 3 of 7”
Article: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Source: TV Magazine, Feb. 1987
New Battalions and the Latest Chain of Command

Here are some points about the chain of command, based on the model presented here:

  • Ultra Magnus, as City Commander, directs all the Scramble City combiners.
  • Meister (Jazz) is still lieutenant, even after Convoy’s death.
  • Miscellaneous Cybertrons, including Lambor (Sideswipe), are called Autobots (!) This does not solely include those that transform into cars, as Perceptor is also pictured.
  • The “Woman Cybertrons” are still active, and are included.


  • The Destron equivalent of Scramble City is “Dinobase.”
  • Cyclonus’ armada no longer exists, although this was still a few years before the movie was shown in Japan. Cyclonus, as general air commander, also has higher authority than Scourge, who only commands the Sweeps.
  • The Animatrons answer directly to the Quintessons.
  • The Insectrons are the only group listed as an “independent squadron.”
  • Soundwave and his Cassettrons appear to take orders directly from Galvatron, bypassing Cyclonus. This is consistent with their portrayal as something of an elite special-forces unit.

TV News: Commander Convoy Lives!

Hydra’s comments

Wow, big issue for Magami Ban fans. I’m especially impressed with the chain of command feature, which answers a lot of questions about the somewhat eclectic cast of 2010. The portraits seem to bring out the individual characters of each squad very well, and are very thorough in including minor teams, such as the Woman Cybertrons. The Jetrons appear to consist mainly of generics, as the front one is colored like Starscream (now dead), but as a conehead. The other two don’t seem to be any particular character either. Finally, I think the Animatron (Predacon) spread ranks among the most awesome Studio Ox work, showing their artistic strength in fluid battle poses.