Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Upsized Voyager Predaking Gallery

In the follow up to today’s review and gallery of the upsized Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime, we will now take a look at Predaking.  As I mentioned earlier today, many people have been finding these figures at Ross or Marshalls for less than $15…way better than the $19.99 + tax I paid at target.
To begin this review, I want to assure anyone who has not yet found these figures that they are much more than “upsized”.  The joints are significantly different; foregoing the ball and socket joints of the Legends class figures for mostly pivots joints via pins and ratchet joints.  One thing to note on the racket joints for Predaking here is that they are pretty tight, at least the first go around.  You are not likely to break him, but you will have to apply some pressure.
In dragon mode, Predaking is impressive.  With only 13 points of articulation, he is not super poseable, but he can get in some decent attack stances, and his wings and head articulation are much nicer than the previous voyager and possibly even the leader class figure.  The mostly clear plastic used on both the black and orange sections of the figure present a nice sheen that is reminiscent of the animation model, though he certainly wasn’t translucent in the show.  What I like most about dragon mode is the lack of a spring gimmick in the neck.  While his jaw does not open, I can at least place the head in a position and have it stay.  The only negative, and this is a small negative, is the lack of transition between the haunches and the tail.  It is…kind of abrupt.  That is a minor complaint of mine for an otherwise fairly positive review.
To transform to robot mode, separate the hindquarters and remove the tail.  Pop the feet out of the pegs on the back, pull the legs out away from the back and flip the feet all the way around.  Flip the feet on the front legs up to transform the hands.  Rotate the dragon neck backwards and turn the robot head around to face front.
In robot mode, Predaking has 17 points of articulation. Due to having actual neck articulation, I would rate him a little higher than the Optimus Prime from this series.  In comparison to the other Predaking figures, I will once again state that not only does he feel more solid than they do, his wings pose better.  Predaking comes with two weapons; the Infernum Sword and a blaster with a pressure fire missile.  The Infernum Sword is thicker and heavier than previous versions.
Overall, I think I actually like this version of Predaking more than the toys that were previously released.  He is solid, looks impressive, and poses well.   The plastic has a nice sheen, and his weapons are fun and imposing.  If you find this toy, buy it.  If you can get it on sale, even better, but do not pass it up if you are a Predaking fan.


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