Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Upsized Voyager Optimus Prime Gallery

As many of you are now finding, the upsized voyagers we first heard about during Botcon 2013 have shown up in several places, be they Target at full price, or Ross and Marshalls for $15 or less.  I will take a quick moment to review them with a gallery, starting with Optimus Prime.
In truck mode, Prime is thick and solid looking.  The “cage” on the back of the truck mode barely has enough space to hold a Legends sized Predacon, but the idea looks neat and sets him apart from other Prime alt modes.  The tires are “monster” tires, solid plastic, riveted from the inside. The green cow catcher bumper sticks out in this mode…mostly because…green. The weapons for bot mode, such as the shield and sword, fit nicely on the sides, while the energon shield snaps in on top of the cage.  Admittedly, he looks a bit silly with them attached, but this is a more “kidified” toy than normal.  It is a fun look that I am sure younglings will enjoy.
The transformation steps are fairly simple, but the parts don’t always line up in a way that makes them easy to move.  The legs pop apart, the cage wraps around them and the feet flip out.  The side of the cap snap out, the arms detach from them, and the cap disconnects from the waist for a rotation move.  The head and shoulder assembly is rotated 180º until they line up with the chest, and the head flips up.  This step will be hard for less adept fingers.
In robot mode he has 10 points of articulation.  This would actually be perfect, if there was articulation in the neck/head area.  He can get in some nicely dynamic poses as is, but it is like he is wearing a neckbrace from whiplash.  He cannot look to the sides.  In spite of that, his robot mode is bulky and powerful looking.  He looks stronger than the previous voyager we got in Beast Hunters.  The energon weapons are a nice touch, and give him a gladiatorial look that makes him worthy of being a Prime for a line called Beast Hunters.
Overall, I am happy with this purchase.  If you can get past the lack of neck articulation, and can find him on the cheap, I recommend this figure.  He definitely looks nice on the shelf!