Transformers on Broadway

Give me your face, Oh Myyyy

From the big screen to the big stage in the Big Apple, Michael Bay has announced this week that he’ll be adapting his 2007 blockbuster “Transformers” movie into a Broadway spectacle. As writer, director and producer of this long overdue project, Bay assures theater goers that he will not let the limitations of practical physics interfere with his ability to deliver the heart shattering action and explosions fans have come to expect from his work.

Give me your face, Oh Myyyy
Give me your face, Oh Myyyy

The star studded cast includes Broadway veterans and Star Trek alum George Takei as Optimus Prime and Sir Patrick Stewart as Megatron, as well as Hollywood icon Shia LaBeouf reprising his role as Sam Witwicky.

“I’ve done many projects, both on film and stage, but this is the project that any actor would wait his entire career to perform. Optimus Prime is a symbol of peace and freedom among all humankind, and the utter lack of dialog and context makes this the kind of challenge I’ve always dreamed of.” says Takei of his role.

All music in the play is written and produced by Shia LeBouf, including songs he has not written such as Stan Bush’s “The Touch” and Barry White’s “Love Makin’ Music”.
More details to follow.