Transformers GT: Mission GT-R Manga

“Transformers GT:  Mission GT-R”
Written by Naoto Tsushima
Art by Naoto Tsushima
Photoshop: Might Gaine & lonegamer8
Scans: lonegamer8
Facilitation: NightViper & Powered Convoy
Article: Powered Convoy
Source: KeroKero Ace July 2013

Note: This manga reads Right to Left.
Powered Convoy’s comments: This is a one-shot manga issue strictly to introduce TakaraTomy’s Transformers GT line.  The comic features all of the toys (thus far announced) for the line with the 3 Autobots participating in a race as their GT Sisters watch on. Megatron enters the race and does battle with GT Prime and proceeds to punch out Safety Prime when he tries to intervene. Prime manages to reason with Megatron enough to stop his fighting and for the four race cars to continue the race.This comic nicely fits in all the GT Transformers, their GT Sisters, and even Safety Prime and Ai (for the kids) in a compact little story. As a credit to Naoto Tsushima‘s work, even with the limitations of a comic format, the imagery conveys a nice sense of motion and fast paced action well known to fans of GT-R racing and Transformers.Between this story and the little bit of information given on the packaging of each GT Prime and GT Saber, this story appears to take place in an alternate G1-based universe where the Transformers and humans cooperate to create race car body Transformers. Or, to be more accurate, imbuing race cars with the powers of Transformers. So whether or not GT Prime and GT Saber and the like are indeed the original Optimus Prime and Star Saber is a open for debate. Either way please enjoy this one shot comic written and illustrated by the very talented Naoto Tsushima!