“Transformers Age Of Extinction” One Step Action Figures Promotional Images

Movie years for Transformers always bring with them a new, wide array of innovative gimmicks introduced to the toy line. In the past we’ve had Fast Action Battlers, Gravity-Bots, Bash Bots, Go-Bots… The list goes on. For the fourth installment of the film series, one of the gimmicks the toy line will be receiving is “One Step”. As the name implies, the toys can all be easily converted using just one step for transformation.
Check out the images below (courtesy of the Transformers Colombia Facebook page) to see more about this new sub line of toys:
tf_4_1step_drift_1 tf_4_1step_drift_2 tf_4_1step_drift_3 tf_4_1step_drift_4 tf_4_1step_drift_5 tf_4_1step_drift_6 tf_4_1step_drift_7 tf_4_1step_drift_8 tf_4_1step_drift_9 tf_4_1step_drift_10 tf_4_1step_drift_11 tf_4_1step_drift_12 tf_4_1step_drift_13 tf_4_1step_grim_1 tf_4_1step_grim_2 tf_4_1step_grim_3 tf_4_1step_grim_4 tf_4_1step_grim_5 tf_4_1step_grim_6 tf_4_1step_grim_7 tf_4_1step_grim_8 tf_4_1step_grim_9 tf_4_1step_grim_10 tf_4_1step_grim_11 tf_4_1step_grim_12 tf_4_1step_grim_13 tf_4_1step_optimus_1 tf_4_1step_optimus_2 tf_4_1step_optimus_3 tf_4_1step_optimus_4 tf_4_1step_optimus_5 tf_4_1step_optimus_6 tf_4_1step_optimus_7 tf_4_1step_optimus_8 tf_4_1step_optimus_9 tf_4_1step_optimus_10 tf_4_1step_optimus_11 tf_4_1step_optimus_12 tf_4_1step_optimus_13 tf_4_1step_optimus_14