“TF: Age of Extinction” Round Up: Wahlberg Interview, Trailer Music & Amazon Pre-Orders

A quick round-up of some Transformers: Age of Extinction news.
Actor side: The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex interviewed Mark Wahlberg, playing Cade Yeager, about acting in a film that involve transforming robots but where there aren’t any transforming robots to act against. His work in the not-safe-for-kids 2012 film Ted was something of a starter.

“…it was a more intimate setting. But this movie is much bigger and more intense. You’ve got eight Autobots talking to you at the same time. There’s nothing but a pole or a stick really there. You’ve got to believe and totally commit. The most difficult part of acting is when you look ridiculous and have to confront the risk of looking foolish. You’ve got to be on the whole time. You can’t phone it in.”

In previous behind-the-scenes clips, the various actors have been seen reacting to a card board cutout of a Transformers head during some scenes, such as Sam Witwicky (played by Shia Labeouf) finally talking to Bumblebee (with voice actor Mark Ryan as the on-set voice to help lay out the track) in the first film back in 2007. The interview also talks about some of the locations that were filmed at, as well the slight hiccup director Michael Bay encountered when Wahlberg had to return to do some additional pick-up shots after principal photography was done.
Music side: UK-based ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design updated their Facebook status that 3 albums with 6 different tracks will be featured in upcoming Age of Extinction trailers and TV spots, so keep those head and earphones ready! Some of their work has been heard in trailers and TV spots for films like Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
Toy side: Amazon has their pre-orders for both Generations Leader class Optimus Prime and Grimlock up, in case for those that missed it. MSRP is $26.99 for both, not including shipping/handling. Amazon’s listing has Optimus as Leader Class Seris M4 No.001 with his Sword of Judgement and Vector Shield, while Grimlock is M4 No.002 with a Dragontooh Mace.
Transformers: Age of Extinction roars into theaters on June 27, 2014. You can sound off at our Age of Extinction forum.