TakaraTomy’s Transformers Movie Advanced Wave 1 Fully Revealed

TakaraTomy has updated their website with images of entire first wave of their Transformers 4 Lost Age (Age of Extinction) Movie Advanced Wave 1 line up.
The figures featured in this wave are comprised of new figures from the upcoming Age of Extinction film as well as redecos and retools from the previous Transformers Movie toy lines.
The figures new for TF4 feature more detailed paint jobs and color schemes.  For example Evasion Mode Optimus now features silver hands and feet and has additional detailing  in robot mode while Crosshairs has more black detailing in car mode and additional paint apps in robot mode.
The retools and redecos give fans long desired previously unreleased characters such as Dispensor as well as variants such as DotM Deluxe Starscream and Jolt in their original color schemes.  Some of the redecos also feature weaponry from the Beast Hunters line.
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