TakaraTomy 30th Anniversary Page Update

TakaraTomy has updated their website with some news regarding their Transformers 30th Anniversary celebration.
The website has released a schedule for the touring of the G1 Optimus Prime inspired tractor trailer truck touring Japan in celebration of Transformers’ 30th Anniversary.
The site mentions that the Lost Age (Age of Extinction in Japan) figures go on sale on May 17th; the same day Hasbro releases their Age of Extinction product.
Also mentioned is the Yokohama Transformers Expo being held from August 9th to the 17th.  Those attending the expo will have an opportunity to purchase the G1 Slag inspired TF4 Slug.
Last but not least is an announcement about the latest collaboration between Transformers and GT.  A new GT Team Mach featuring Optimus Prime is a Super GT racer with a Movie Optimus Prime inspired deco.  This car will be touring and a schedule is available here.
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