TakaraTomy 30th Anniversary Optimus Prime Promotional Tour

Several of our readers have reported to us that other Transformers sites are reporting news of the rendering of the 30th Anniversary Optimus Prime truck is an upcoming TakaraTomy toy.  This is not true.  Just to dispel what other popular Transformers sites are reporting, the rendering is not for an upcoming toy but for a promotional tour TakaraTomy is holding for the 30th Anniversary of Transformers.
The rendering was first revealed in the pages of Dengeki Hobby and Figure King last month, and recently added to TakaraTomy’s website today.  As mentioned in our news article earlier today, there will be a schedule tracking the truck’s tour dates.
This is not to say a figure could be based on this in the future, but for now it’s simply a rendering of what will be a real life truck for promotional purposes.  Stick to the Allspark for all your latest and most accurate news!
You can discuss the upcoming 30th Anniversary and “Convoy Stealth Now” tour on our forums.