Takara Tomy Retail Store Campaign Microns Official Images

A few days ago, we reported that recolors of the Generations Legends Mini-Partners Roller, Blazemaster, Waspinator, and Chop Shop were on the horizon. Today, Takara Tomy has officially announced these four campaign microns which will be available at select Japanese retailers for customers who spend 3000 Yen on Transformers merchandise. Roller is translucent black (Toys “R” Us Japan exclusive), Jolt is a translucent repaint of Blazemaster (Aeon Toy Department exclusive), Buzzsaw is a translucent blue/yellow repaint of Waspinator (Joshin Kids Land exclusive), and a translucent blue Chop Shop (exclusive to a few retail outlets like Yodobashi Camera, EDION, Yamada Denki etc).
Read the announcement and view the official images here.
Roller Jolt  BuzzsawChop Shop
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