Starscream’s Ambition Manga (Henkei! Henkei! Special Comic)

“Starscream’s Ambition Manga (Henkei! Henkei! Special Comic)”
Article: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine
Source: Generations 2009, Vol. 2
Note: This manga reads Left to Right.

Hydra’s comments

It seems that the manga this time was not only illustrated but also written by Tsushima Naoto, the author of The Stargate Battles, Henkei, and numerous other TF works. That may be why it seems to be heading in a somewhat different direction from the first issue, and is a bit hard to understand as a result. This may be supported by the Henkei text stories, but it seems that Henkei Starscream has gained the ability of his ghost form, allowing him to rematerialize and slip into the bodies of other Transformers. I can only gather that the bottom panel was Megatron firing a shot into him, from which he completely regenerates none the worse for wear.
Although not revealed in issue 02, it has been speculated that the third Henkei special edition from Generations 09 will be a recolor of Megatron, thus explaining his appearance at the end of this issue. As he has been shown to temporarily power up into Galvatron, my speculation would be a clear purple “reformatting” intermediate mode Megatron. And finally, yes, I’m quite aware that numerous lines such as Megatron’s “I’m more interested in that body of yours…” would be more at home in a certain kind of doujinshi. Don’t look at me, I just translate the stuff!