New Images of Rescue Bots Rescan Series 02 – Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

Every once and a while, a Transformer gets tired of his or her name and alternate mode making any kind of sense together. And when something like that happens, it’s time to introduce Bumblebee…as a mechanical dinosaur! Big Bad Toy Store now have images of the second series of the “Rescan” Rescue Bots toys, which consists of an Optimus Prime with Tyrannosaurus Rex alternate mode as well as a Bumblebee with his own dinosaur alternate mode! Both dinosaur modes also feature construction vehicle aspects, such as Optimus’ drill tail and smokestack horns, and Bumblebee’s crane hook dangling from his tail.
These rescanned Rescue Bots are scheduled for a June 2014 release, and will be priced around $10 each.
Click here to see the BBTS pre-order entry for the two figures.
Rescuebots_dino_optimus_bee_dinos Rescuebots_dino_optimus_bee_robots