More Product Listings for Takara Tomy’s “Transformers Age of Extinction” Toy Line

We’ve all seen Hasbro’s product from Transformers Age of Extinction, but what will Takara Tomy bring to the table in addition to their wonderfully wacky movie legacy figures? It seems like the answer to that is paint! And movie accuracy! As some fans have lamented, the Hasbro figures look like, well, the toys that they are. Bright colors and an apparent cut back on the paint operations used. For some, this is no big deal and they actually prefer the “fun” colors. For others though, it’s not what they’re looking for in Transformers movie toys. So then enter Takara Tomy’s latest product listings. In addition to the product names, we get descriptions of what make them stand out from the Hasbro versions. Galvatron and Hound get more paint to help them look like their on-screen counterpart! The Dinobots lose they bright colors for a “duller” color scheme done in metallic colors! “Black night Grimlock” not only gets an awesome name, but like Galvatron and Hound gets a movie accurate paint job!
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