More Images of In-Package Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, more dinosaurs…and a Samurai. For those looking to get more of a glimpse at the upcoming companion toys to this Summer’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Ragin’ Nation Facebook page have posted even more images of in-package product! Now up are images of Deluxe Drift, Deluxe Scorn, Deluxe Strafe, Leader Optimus Prime, Leader Grimlock, and another view of Voyager Galvatron showing off artwork of his in-film design. So sink your teeth into the new photos and prepare for yourselves for the savage toy hunt that awaits!
Click here to see the images
tf_4_drift_box tf_4_galvatron_voyager_box_side tf_4_grimlock_leader_box tf_4_optimus_voyager_box tf_4_scorn_card tf_4_strafe_card