“Metro Wars” and “Starscream’s New Power”

Metro Wars by Yuki Ohshima
Starscream’s New Power by Guido Guidi
Photoshop, Article: Might Gaine
Addendum, Scans: Powered Convoy
Source: Transformers Generations 2013
Note: This manga reads Left to Right.

Might Gaine’s comments
Generations 2013 continues the tradition of previous volumes with the inclusion of an impressive mini-comic, this time “Metro Wars” by Yuki Ohshima, perhaps best known to Transformers fans for his work on Kiss Players.  In this comic, however, he trades in his usual scantily clad girls for an all-out battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.
So much is packed into this short comic, it’s hard to read through it just once without missing something.  We get an explanation for Metroplex’s new larger size–he has been rebuilt by the Nebulans to be bigger and stronger, much like Fort Max was back in issue #38 of the original Marvel comics.  Metrotitan gets a more fleshed-out origin beyond simply being “born” on Saturn’s moon.  We also see the fate of Metrobase, briefly introduced in the Micromaster reissue storyline.
The pre-G2/Operation Combination storyline visited in the recent United EX stories gets a fitting conclusion here as well, with moments including the transformation of Marinemaster into Manta Ray and the introduction of Nucleon, leading the Transformers into the barely-explored Japanese Actionmaster storyline.  (One could even speculate that Straxus’ attempt to control Super Megatron is the very thing that leads Megatron to ally himself with the Autobots prior to the events of the Japanese Generation 2 storyline!)  Here’s hoping we get more of these great G 1.5 stories in the future.
Generations 2013 also includes a one-page bonus comic by fan favorite Guido Guidi highlighting the magazine’s exclusive toy, Infiltrator Starscream.
Powered Convoy reached out to the very talented Guido Guidi in regards to his original script for the “Starscream’s New Power”.  This marks the first time that Guido was responsible for not only the art within the story but also the story.
Guido was kind enough to not only send us his original script, which varies from the Japanese language and translated version above, but he also included the other story possibilities he had developed while working with Million Publishing, you can see his notes below:
Guido’s Notes:
The story is set not within the Aligned universe but within the an alternate G1 universe, much like “Fierce Fighting On Planet Nebulos” and Naoto Tshushima’s “Transformers:  All Spark” which also featured Aligned toys as G1 characters.
Other story concepts:

  • Starscream sneakily infiltrates into Metroplex destroying everything on his path, including the transformation cog.
  • During a battle between Autobots and Decepticons, an invisible enemy strikes and knocks down the Autobots one by one, and revealing himself as Starscream, only after defeating the last one, Optimus Prime.
  • Assassination of a senator/Sentinel Prime, during a public speech/parade – after having slaughtered a couple of security guards by using his stealth power and his new weapons.

Transformers Generations 2013 comic -dialogue proposal

Panel 1
Caption: At Shockwave’s labs, Starscream has been caught while trying to steal some secret super-weapon technology in order to take over his leader, Megatron…
Panel 2
Caption: “…and now he’s running for his life!”
Starscream: “They almost got me! I barely escaped, only thanks my special ability!”
“but I can’t keep running – need something to fight back…”
Panel 3
Starscream: “…and luckily this is the right place–”
“–Shockwave’s experimental weapons storage room!!”
A Decepticon (off panel) :”I found him! Quick, I need backup!”
Panel 4
Shockwave: “Remember, Megatron wants him alive, so he can punish him personally for his treachery!”
Starscream: “Luckily for me, my comrades, I don’t have such restrictions!”
“These weapons combined with my invisibility power are no match for anybody! Get a taste of your medicine, Shockwave!”
Panel 5
Swindle: “Arrghh– too much firepower!”
Onlsaught: “and we can’t lock an invisible target – Decepticons! retreat before it’s too late! ”
Panel 6
Starscream: “Hahaha! Run! Today I’ll let you live, cowards! But next time we meet, you will bow before me, Starscream, the true leader of the Decepticons!:

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