Master File #1: Headmasters Epilogue

“Master File #1: Headmasters Epilogue”
Article: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Master File 1 - Headmasters Epilogue (Translation by Hydra)

In the far reaches of the galaxy, even now the endless clashes between righteous Cybertrons and evil Destrons are continued without respite. From the Cybertron base on Planet Athenia and the Destron base on Jarr (Charr), warriors deploy ceaselessly, further broadening this eternal battle.This battle of the Transformers, intensified in space by the influence of Planet Master’s super technology, came to be known as the “Master Wars.”

It is impossible to tell when and where in space the ambitions of the Destrons will emerge. At the helm of Battleship Maximus, the Cybertron space patrol has no time to rest. With the elimination of the Space Bridge to Earth (a space-time tunnel), the task of transit to Earth is left to the Trainbots, who watch over the actions of the new battalion known as the Pretenders from the edge of the galaxy. Earth and the human race living upon it are treated as beloved brethren by the Cybertron Transformers. The Cybertrons wish to return to Earth as soon as possible to face the growing threat there, yet a new peril has been born in outer space.

After the destruction of their leader the Terror Emperor Mega Zarak, the Destrons showed a steep decline in military power, and have thus far been considered a mere remnant of their former selves. However, Mega Zarak in fact survived! In the midst of a trip back to Athenia, the Trainbot squadron claim to have witnessed a giant scorpion type Transtector passing through the shadow of a meteor cluster. Yet how could this be, when it was believed that Mega Zarak’s life functions had ceased? Could this mean that the destroyed Transtector has been restored, or that an altogether new Transtector has been developed!?

On that note, a mysterious transmission affirming these suspicions sent by the former Destron Sixshot was received by Maximus. It stated succinctly, “Behind the Destron Pretenders on Earth lurks an uncommonly powerful puppet master. Don’t let your guard down…” It may be the case that Mega Zarak has already joined together with the Pretenders, and that this manipulator exceeding even Mega Zarak is the actual new leader of the Destrons.

The Cybertrons, unable to tend to the defense of Earth personally, send Masterforce and Transtectors which will grant Earthlings the power to change into Headmasters. However, the Masterforce has the weakness of only exerting an effect on young people in the midst of growth, and on top of this, half of the Transtectors were stolen by the Destrons en route.

Cybertron Chief Commander Fortress entrusts Pretender Metalhawk with the responsibility of maintaining defense on Earth, and launches off in search of Mega Zarak.

With training from the Targetmasters, Chromedome and the other Headmasters mature into mighty warriors, and go on teaching potential future warriors, the Headmaster Teens.

In the vast space beyond Planet Earth, yet another magnificent Transformers battle is about to unfold!

Hydra’s comments
Wow, I previously thought the link between Headmasters and Masterforce was slightly tenuous, but it turns I just wasn’t looking in the right places, because the lays everything out crystal clear. I love the mention of even minor characters, such as the Headmaster Teens. For those unfamiliar, those were the separately sold Headmaster heads that never actually appeared in the anime! Sixshot’s action of sending some clues the Cybertrons’ way segues nicely into his assumed rebirth as Greatshot in Victory. What’s this, the Space Bridge was destroyed? So, that’s why the Cybertrons didn’t offer more support from space during Masterforce. It’s interesting that this was produced before the actual release of Masterforce, as a sort of preview, but yet they already prepare for the arrival of Black Zarak, who doesn’t debut until about half way through Masterforce. Too bad there isn’t more backstory like this available for other TF series!