Kre-O Kreon Micro Changer Cyclonus Variant

Allspark member Kup has reported something interesting regarding the latest wave of Kre-O Micro Changers.  In the wave is everyone’s favorite Decepticon second-in-command / neutral-warior turned Lost Light crew member – Cyclonus.  Allspark member Kup noticed something very different about the two Cyclonus Kreons he got.  The first one is a darker reddish purple while the other one is a much lighter purple.  Each feature the same product code (36) to determine which Kreon is blind packed in the bag, but a different batch number.
It appears those with batch number 40131 and up are the lighter purple one, while earlier numbers may contain the darker variant.  What batch numbers determine which variant is contained is not exactly known, but we have at least two reports of 40131 containing a lighter variant so it’s likely anything with that number or higher is likely the lighter version but it’s not known for sure if lower numbers might also produce a lighter Cyclonus.
Thanks to Allspark members radicaldeth for the batch number information and to Kup for the original report.
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