Images of Dinobot Slug Evolution Pack Revealed

A couple images for the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction Evolution 2-pack have now surfaced via Facebook. The images show a pair that most fans probably weren’t expecting – It’s the Age of Extinction Dinobot Slug Deluxe figure… with Dark of the Moon Triceradon. You might be asking, “Who?” Triceradon is the G1-colored triceratops Mini-Con that was released on a single-pack card to store chains like Big Lots as well as select online retailers.
If that has you scratching your head, remember that the first Evolution 2-pack featured Voyager Class Age of Extinction Grimlock with his Energon counterpart. Yes, Energon. Hasbro apparently aren’t going for the most memorable character molds for these releases.
Check out the images below, and then discuss this news here.
slug_evolution_pack slug_evolution_pack_robot