Iacon Gallery Spotlight: Rob Shum’s “Transformers of the Rising Sun”

transformers_of_the_rising_sun_by_shumworld-d7ef3guThe Transformers Fandom is blessed with a wide variety of incredibly talented artists with skills ranging from traditional and digital media to the customizing and painting of toys and action figures and everything in-between. In the future, we here at the Allspark will be highlighting some of the amazing projects completed in our own Iacon Art Gallery periodically. The work these talented individuals produce deserves to get as much attention as we can provide.
One such artist is the Allspark’s own Rob Shum, better known as planetshum. Rob has been in the Fandom for years (and is the creator of the well-known fan character Lieger), and has taken part in a number of projects both here and elsewhere including being the lead creator for the former Slagacon’s 2012 comic project.
Rob recently completed and amazing project inspired by the introduction of the Transformers’ fan-created character Windblade. Deciding to make a truly epic piece showcasing several well-known Cybertronian Martial Artists (as well as an Earth-based friend), it’s our pleasure to present it to you, our loyal Allspark.com reader.
Enjoy! And be sure to drop by the Iacon Art Gallery Thread to share your thoughts and to tell Rob how much you like it.