Hasbro Australia “Transformers: Age of Extinction” Toy Listings

For those living down under in Oceania, Hasbro Australia has updated their listings to include various figures for Transformers: Age of Extinction.

  • Voyager: Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, Grimlock
  • Kre-O: Grimlock Street Attack Set, Lockdown Air Raid Set, Block Breakout Set, Dinobot Charge Set
  • Kre-O Micro-Changers Combiners: Firewing, Grimstone, Icebolt, Volcanicon
  • Kre-O Custom KREON: Drift, Ratchet, Lockdown, Optimus
  • Construct Bots Dinobot Warriors: Autobot Drift & Roughneck, Lockdown & Hangnail, Optimus & Gnaw, Scorn Street Chase
  • Construct Bots Dinobot Riders: Drift
  • Generations Deluxe: Dinobot Slug, High Octane Bumblebee, Scorn, Crosshairs
  • Flip & Change: Grimlock, Optimus
  • 12-inch: Optimsu Prime, Drift

Of note is that while the listings has “Firewing” and “Icebolt”, the packaging says “Obsidian” and “Lazerbolt”, respectively. The Flip and Change listings for Optimus and Grimlock don’t seem to work, despite being present.
Trnasformers: Age of Extinction rolls into US theaters on June 27, 2014.