Generations 2012 Manga: Tale of the Pretenders

“Tale of the Pretenders”
Original Creation by Masumi Kaneda and Ban Magami
Story & Art by  Naoto Tsushima
Photoshop: NightViper
Additional Translation: lonegamer8
Scans: Powered Convoy
Article: Might Gaine
Source: Transformers Generations 2012

Note: This manga reads Left to Right.

The Allspark’s comments
This comic was originally part of Transformers Generations 2012. Besides introducing a slew of previously US-only characters into the Japanese G1 continuity, it also answers this old, puzzling question: “What were the Autobot Pretenders up to during the 8000 year period between when they crashed on Earth and when they showed up in Masterforce?” We now know the answer–They were doing pretty much the same thing they did in Masterforce: defending humans against giant Decepticon Pretender Monsters, blending into human society, and of course, picking up chicks!

Enjoy this great story courtesy of the Allspark staff!