G2 Comics: Ultimate Edition, Part 2 of 2

“G2 Comics: Ultimate Edition, Part 2 of 2”
Article/Translation: Hydra
Formatting/Photoshop: Might Gaine
The following eight comics are the second half of the Japanese G2 comic, shown hear for the first time anywhere in full color!  Also, note that starting in Comic #13, the introductory narrative starts changing.  It contains some interesting backstory, so don’t accidentally skip it!

Hydra’s comments
With the last half of G2, Yoshioka really does his best to put some interesting ideas into the story, despite only being allowed one page per comic. Since he had almost total creative control over not just the art but the story as well, you can see a lot of elements that draw from the US series, such as the multifaceted characters that don’t seem to fall into the “Heroic Cybertrons, evil Destrons” stereotype. Some of the most interesting info comes from the flavor text at the top of each manga, which unlike with the first half of the series, is largely unique to each page. We get to know that the Laserbikes hail from Jarr (Charr), why one faction of Transformers can span both sides, and that the duel between leaders takes place in the Mirtonian Constellation, as was mentioned in Prime’s US tech specs. The most significant reveal, however, is that the defect causing Megatron’s madness (from when he became Galvatron) was corrected when he reverted to Super Megatron in the previous war, Battlestars. This is a great explanation for why Megatron seems to truly desire peace at this point, finally expanding upon his iconic but never really utilized motto, “peace through tyranny.”
Although Yoshioka’s work tends to be limited to this sort of toy insert as he was originally an illustrator, I and I’m sure many other people would love to see a more substantial body of work from him sometime in the future. I feel that his art is very representative of Transformers as a whole, as it’s a property that mixed Western and Japanese elements to an unmistakably unique result.