Fifth and Final BotCon 2014 Box Set Exclusive Revealed – Knight Ginrai! has been updated with a reveal of the fifth and final member of the BotCon 2014 box set! Cybertronian Knight Ginrai is an orange and red redeco of the Classics Optimus Prime mold with his second blaster rifle transformed as a shield. This color scheme is inspired by the “Fire Guts” attack used by Ginrai in the Masterforce anime, which had also been used once before on the 2002 eHOBBY reissue of God Ginrai.
Cybertronian Knight Ginrai joins Knight Devcon, Pirate Cannonball, Pirate Ferak, and Scorponok as the final member of the box set of exclusives that will be available at BotCon 2014. The convention takes place June 19-22 in Pasadena, Ca.
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