Fans Toys Soar up for preorder at TFSource

TFsource has Swoop-ed in to offer the newest shots of Fans Toys next in their Iron Dibot line…Soar!
Not only that but he will also be available in two distinct color schemes. Want red to go with the rest of his team? It’s possible. Want blue to match how he might’ve looked if there were ever a cartoon character based off his design? They’ve got you covered.
Don’t gawk at these pictures too long because they’re also offering an Early Bird (Pteranodon?) special of $10 off the regular price. That would be a $20 savings if you preordered both versions!
FansToys FT-05 Scoar – Red Version – Early Bird Save $10
FansToys FT-05 Scoar – Blue Version – Early Bird Save $10