E-Hobby Yoshioka Manga: Gadep, Black Megatron, Sunstorm

“E-Hobby Yoshioka Manga: Gadep, Black Megatron, Sunstorm”
Article and Translation: Hydra
Formatting and Photoshop: Might Gaine

Note: This manga reads Left to Right
Hydra’s comments

Easily the most awesome thing in these comics:
The black Megatron is a Transmetal!
The idea that quantum surge energy had accumulated within Megatron’s systems during his slumber through the Beast Wars is a great one! Unlike Sunstorm, the black Megatron never had its own story (being the first E-Hobby exclusive Transformer), so it’s nice that they put lots of effort into it this time around.
I had some trouble with the Sunstorm comic determining if the robots really are sleeping (which would be unusual, for ROBOTS) or if they have been shorted out by Sunstorm’s radiation and he’s simply toying with them. I suppose they’re really sleeping, but we get to see Sunstorm as a rather sadistic and crazy character. With that grin and all his posturing, he kind of reminded me of the Joker somehow. His last page pose is great, too bad the toy doesn’t look that good!
Gadep, on the other hand, looks like an enormous fat man in a diaper. All the same, Yoshioka really knows how to depict a dynamic combat scene, with the angular panel lines, shadowing, wicked grins… He many only be able to handle 3 pages at a time, but that’s good enough. Give me more of this art now!