e-Hobby Masterpiece Black Rodimus Convoy Comic

“Destron Doppelgänger Black Rodimus Convoy”
Written by Hidetsugu Yoshioka
Art by Hidetsugu Yoshioka
Original Translation: Andrew “Hydra” Hall
Photoshop: Powered Convoy
Scans: Powered Convoy
Article: Powered Convoy
Source: e-Hobby Transformers Masterpiece MP-9B Black Rodimus Convoy

Note: This manga reads Left to Right.

Powered Convoy’s comments

In this comic we are introduced (or reintroduced, depending on your opinion) to a dark clone of Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) that was created via the cloning synthesizers from the Season 2 episode of the original Transformers series “A Prime Problem”.
This new “Black Rodimus” attacks the original Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) and manages to wrangle the Matrix of Leadership from him.  The clone, now imbued with the power of the Matrix, emerges as Black Rodimus Convoy with the defeated Hot Rodimus in his clutches, he tells the original Rodimus he can come and get what was once his if he’s powerful enough to do so.
This comic continues the tradition of using Hidetsugu Yoshioka for both the art and the story.  Hidetsugu has a nice American comic book style and a short but sweet story telling style.  Hidetsugu has made a few of these e-Hobby exclusive comics adding a nice sense of cohesion between them.
While the story is short it does (re)introduce the character of Black Rodimus (who is likely supposed to be the same character as the G1 reissue released back in 2001 – who featured widely different coloration).  Rodimus Convoy continues to have doubts about his role as a leader, so it’s uncertain if this story takes place during the third season of Transformers or sometime afterwards (most of e-Hobby’s comics take place sometime after the original G1 series, but in them Optimus Prime is still alive).  Like most e-Hobby comics, the story ends in a cliffhanger (whether or not this story is explored later is unlikely but not completely out of the question).
Unlike the other clones created in “A Prime Problem”, Black Rodimus seems completely independent on his own and is not a mind controlled duplicate.
On the back cover of the comic is the extended bio of Black Rodimus Convoy in both Japanese and English.  The bio hints that Rodimus Convoy created his own clone (whether directly or indirectly), due to his inner conflict.  Whether the clone manifested itself as a result or Rodimus’ emotions (like United Dark Side Optimus Prime and Megatron) or, perhaps unknowingly, Rodimus created the clone in an effort to relieve himself of his responsibilities, is unknown.
Unlike the previous e-Hobby mini comics, this story has an accurate and easily readable translation by Andrew “Hydra” Hall rather than an “Engrish” style translation or none at all.
View the expanded profile / article at e-Hobby, courtesy of Andrew “Hydra” Hall himself!  In this profile, it’s stated that Rodimus’ thoughts of doubt were finally given a body via the clone synthesizer and the Ghost of Starscream!  Hydra also confirmed that the 2001 Black Rodimus is a different character than the 2011 Black Rodimus Convoy featured here.