DeNA Debunking Transformers Rising Mobile Game Rumors

In a recent article put out by DeNA they explain that the Transformers mobile game that they are going to be releasing is being made by their sister studio located in China and is not set to be distributed in the US. They state that “Transformers Rising” will in no way be related to the game they released back in 2012 titled “Transformers Legends” and that it will not be the end of TFL. This article was made by them to shoot down the rumors that had been produced by people about the mobile game.

TRANSFORMERS Rising Clarification

“Hey guys,
As you may have heard, there’s a new DeNA game being developed titled Transformers Rising. We wanted to take a quick moment to address some of the misconceptions surrounding it.
For clarification, this game is being developed by our sister studio in China, and is in no way affiliated with, or a sequel to TRANSFORMERS: Legends.
There are currently no plans for a US release.
There is no beta testing currently going on. Claims of invitation and access to a Transformers Rising beta are completely fabricated for reasons unknown to us.
This game’s development and existence does not affect or influence TRANSFORMERS: Legends in any way. We have heard a few players suggesting that this game’s arrival will mark the end of TFL, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
TRANSFORMERS: Legends is running strong with a bright future ahead of it, and we want to make sure that all of our loyal players are well aware of that.
Roll out!
The TRANSFORMERS: Legends Team”