BotCon 2014 Scorponok Jet Mode & Olin Zarak Robot Mode Revealed

The folks at BotCon have updated their Facebook page with a shot of the upcoming BotCon 2014 Pirate VS Knights Headmaster Scorponok in Jet Mode.  Alongside Scorponok is our first look at Olin Zarak in robot mode.
BotCon has also tweeted out an image showcasing Olin Zarak riding inside Scorponok while in jet mode.  This is accomplished by flipping up Scorponok’s vehicle mode canopy and having Olin stand in the empty space within his chest cavity.  So the new Scorponok is able to recreate the piloting feature of the original Headmasters as well!
As a reminder Scorponok retool of Energon Scorponok with a new neck connection point and comes with Olin Zarak a retool of Headmaster Spike with a new G1 cartoon inspired Scorponok face in head mode.
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