BotCon 2014 Pirate Headmaster Scorponok & Zarak Revealed!

In what seemed possible only in most fans’ dreams, BotCon has revealed their next 5 figure set exclusive and it’s a doozy!  The next reveal is G1 Scorponok, using the Energon Scorponok figure as a basis, with a Headmaster Zarak figure!  Scorponok features a new face sculpt based on his original cartoon and comic appearance that transforms into the Headmaster Zarak figure as well as a neck port for the new head to attach to.  Zarak utilizes an existing Headmaster but with a new face for BotCon 2014 Scorponok.
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Check out the official press release from BotCon below!

Our 4th reveal for the BotCon 2014 Convention set – PIRATES VS KNIGHTS! This is our BIGGEST reveal yet. Olin, son of Zarak, and rightful heir to the Hive creation known as… SCORPONOK!

For the 30th anniversary we have pulled out all the stops and engineered from an existing mold the first Headmaster toy released in 25 years. Scorponok utilizes an original 1987 Headmaster mold, featuring an all-new cartoon accurate sculpted face, as the character Olin Zarak. To make the Headmaster function work, we also created a new rotating piece located in his chest cavity which, once Zarak is transformed, allows him to become the head of Scorponok in robot mode!
This is the centerpiece of the 2014 convention set. We have in hand samples and we are thrilled at what a remarkable toy he is. We can’t wait for everyone who wants one to get their hands on this amazing figure!
To check out Scorponok, be sure to click the “Con Exclusives” link to the left! We will have the BotCon Brochure and online registration available this month, so stay tuned for more toy reveals, guest announcements and all kinds of information regarding the biggest and best Transformers convention of the year, BotCon 2014!

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