Beast Wars Reborn: Chapter 1 of 4, The Mysterious Temple in Space

“Beast Wars Reborn: Chapter 1 of 4, The Mysterious Temple in Space”
Translation: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Note: This is an official text story that ran over four installments in the pages of Figure King, concurrent with the release of the BWR 01 set. Enjoy!
Beast Wars Reborn 01 The Mysterious Temple in Space (Translation by Hydra)A truly bizarre object was hurtling across space at incredible speed. From afar it looked something like a pair of detached pyramids joined at the base, but closer examination would have revealed detailed architecture like that of an ancient shrine layered simply upwards. It showed no means of propulsion or even airtight chambers of any sort, covered in gaping windows and passages, and yet inside it contained air breathable by living organisms. In what era could such a thing possibly exist? And where could this place be?
But that was not the current problem. What was of concern at the moment was within the polished stone chamber at the center of this structure, where two seemingly alone passengers now silently opened their eyes. Inside this room illuminated with warm light, a capsule shaped like a diagonal stone sarcophagus opened and the “passenger” inside sat up. It was a robot with a strikingly rough physique and a glimmering metallic face. However very little of him appeared mechanical, as the majority of his body was swathed in thick black fur. He looked drowsily down at his own form.
Suddenly, with the sound of whirring servos he became aware that the other passenger had emerged from his capsule and was approaching him. Much like him, the passenger was a robot with a metallic face and a body covered all over in organic features, yet this robot was covered in reptilian-looking scales, and a large lizard head springing out of his right hand. No, that was no lizard… it was a dinosaur!
The robot gazed down at him regally with an imposing glare, and sharply asked: “Just who are you?”
‘That’s a good question,’ he thought to himself. That was what he would have liked to know most at the moment. “Actually, I was kind of hoping you could tell me.”
Neither of the two who had awakened in this chamber had any recollection of their identities. He shut his eyes and tried desperately to regain his memory.  “Remember! Who am I?”
In response, a letter appeared in the left corner of his optics. In their writing, it meant “process guide.” Processing his request, the onboard computer housed within his body displayed all available information. “My name is Convoy, apparently. Robot life form, DNA pattern: Transformer.”
So, what was this “Transformer”? Was he equipped with some sort of conversion mechanism? Suddenly, the other robot’s body began to twist around, bending and then closing together, forming in the space of an instant a carnivorous dinosaur—a tyrannosaurus! The robot glanced at Convoy and opened his mouth. “So, this is what it means to transform. Fascinating.”  Then he looked down his nose at Convoy and said, “I am Megatron.”
In any case, both of them were in agreement that they needed to gain understanding of the situation they had been plunged into. Although it appeared ancient, it seemed that this “temple” was actually a construct of some advanced technology. Surely somewhere there must be a store of information and a way to access it, or before that they might be able to find some other resident, perhaps a keeper of the temple. They immediately readied themselves to begin a search of their surroundings. While scanning the area, Convoy ran through his mind what had occurred a few minutes ago. “Before losing our memories, I wonder if Megatron and I may have been friends? I can’t deny the feeling that there’s some connection.” Yet when after his introduction he unconsciously extended his right hand, Megatron flexed his reptilian head and spoke: “Stop right there. Anyone who attempts a handshake with me will end up missing an arm.”
Megatron reeled in shock at view before him. “We are… in space!” He stepped from the wind-blown hall out towards the void of space. This structure, which had appeared to be a temple, was in fact a ship in the midst of high speed space travel. Megatron hastily drew himself back into the structure. “In any case, I must gain control over the ship’s functions,” he thought. “I’ll let Convoy go about solving riddles. What will matter is which of us has the upper hand when the truth is revealed.”
Soon after, Convoy had at last discovered the ship’s data terminal. It was housed in a control panel atop a hexagonal pillar overlooking numerous stone chambers. Taking a moment to acclimate himself to the control panel, he accessed the monitor records for the room in which he had awakened, and locating a list that appeared to be the activity log of the stone capsule, read back through it.
[Robot mode reformatting completed… Compatible DNA patterns input… Prime field reassembled… Spark transported…]
A “Spark” forms the nucleus of a Transformer’s being, something similar to a soul. All this meant that just a few hours ago, they had still been in their default forms.
“Things appear to be going smoothly.” Convoy was startled as Megatron’s voice suddenly appeared behind him. “These are production records for the birth of Transformers,” said Convoy without much conviction. Their efforts to regain the past had brought an inconceivable truth to light. “It’s no wonder we have no memories. We were just born from those capsules today!”
“And yet, I feel as if I know you from before. Why might that be?” Megatron’s words took Convoy aback.
“Take a closer look. There in the supplemental information for the latter half, it says ‘Memory file, skip upload.’ We were not ‘born,’ but in fact artificially reborn!”
“Yet despite this incomplete state, our Sparks remembered each other.”
“The records list no data of where our sparks were taken from. Still, there is no mistaking that we had prior lives before being summoned here, and at someone’s bidding those lives have been altered!”
With Megatron’s proclamation, hope returned to Convoy’s heart. He manipulated the control panel and switched to the screen of a different chamber.
“This may give us our final answer.”
Listed as “Central Shrine,” surveillance images from the area were displayed, and among them was a close-up of a round, golden object lodged in the middle hexagonal pillar.
“I was trying to locate the power source and control hub, but came up with this instead. It looks like all information and control of the temple must be recorded there.” For just a moment Megatron forgot himself and stared at the image. Inside him, a feeling of strong confidence welled up in his chest. “The Golden Disk…!” Megatron dashed off without even a sidelong glance.
“Wait, Megatron!”
Each time they set foot into a room on the way to the main shrine, a strange phenomenon began unfolding around them. In one room the thick walls and floors heaved back and forth, while in the next the air flow repelled them with great force. It was as if within the walls of this temple time and space itself had gone mad!  “These are security systems?” While these unseen opponents produced a sense of unease within Convoy, he lost no ground in pressing onwards with Megatron. And then, the moment they set foot into the final chamber, space inside the room suddenly shifted to that of a different world!
It was a decayed planet orbited by a black moon. Around the area punctuated by ruins, they saw the wreckage of a number robots scattered about.  But no, this was no wreckage! Giving off moans that seemed to echo up from the depths, the robots tottered towards Convoy and Megatron in pursuit.
“Let’s pull back, Megatron. These robots are already on the verge of death. They’re no match for us.”
“Near death, you say?” Megatron responded. “I think not. Listen well to their voices.”
Patched through a translation program, the robots repeated just one word: “Spark…”
“They are fallen ones drawn to our life force. And look, now there is no escape!”
True to Megatron’s words, the entrance behind them had vanished, leaving only the exit at the opposite side yawning open in space.
“We must tear through them to make it across. Let’s go!” Megatron transformed into tyrannosaurus mode and tore into the group of fallen robots mercilessly. Convoy drew out his weapons and brandished them at the robots, but they swarmed around him and tore in violently with sharp fangs and spines. Assailed by piercing pain and the shock of having his life forces drained away, something inside Convoy snapped, and he transformed into a raging beast! His alternate mode was that of a mighty and enormous gorilla. Convoy furiously struck, flung, and tore through his foes as together with Megatron he hurtled towards the center of the shrine.
At that point, still in their beast modes and drunk with rage, they turned upon each other snarling and bellowed out a roar. Then, in the blink of an eye they had regained themselves, and they returned to robot mode while venting ragged breath.
“Well then, time to accept the spoils of war,” said Megatron, advancing below the disk while Convoy peered at him with furrowed brows.
Beast Wars Reborn 01 The Mysterious Temple in Space (Translation by Hydra)2Megatron’s decisiveness and bravery were quite astonishing. In the event that he were an ally of Convoy, he would surely prove himself of great worth. Yet just a moment ago, the animal instinct of his beast mode had given him a decidedly different impression.
Meanwhile, in a far-off galaxy transcending the reaches of space and time, a being sensed these events and the great danger they foretold. Residing deep beneath the metal earth of the robotic planet Seibertron, he was the benevolent god Primus.
“An abominable plot is unfolding. Now my messenger must make the voyage through time…”
Continues in Chapter 2: Master of the Game