Beast Wars II Original Catalog

“Beast Wars II Original Catalog”
Article: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine

Hydra’s comments
It’s unusual for me end up translating something like a catalog, since usually they don’t seem to contain anything too groundbreaking. This was the exception. The link between Beast Wars and Beast Wars Second was a bit hazy, and this spells it out pretty well. I loved the contrast: The Convoys shake hands, whereas the Destron Emperors strangle one-another. As I had previously imagined, it seems that new Emperors are elected periodically by a higher power. Then, these representatives can extend the name to primary subordinates, which is why Megastorm, Galvatron’s younger brother, is known as Duke of Destruction (a case of nepotism?). I suppose that the ones bestowing these titles are the committee we know as the Tripredacus Council… Galvatron looks pretty cool in the catalog, all shadowed up. He’s displayed that way since, as you can see, the color scheme for the toy wasn’t finalized yet.
Incidentally, the talk about “intergalactic year 1997” was a very intriguing back story for BWII, based on Nostradamus’ actual prophecy that a devastating “King of Angolmois” would arise and bring forth a huge disaster in July of 1997. “ Angolmois” was said to be Nostradamus’ rendering of “Mongols.” The word ultimately became the name of the incredibly powerful energy buried in the BWII planet Gaia. The series was actually released in 1997, so it was timed with the prophecy very well. Of course no great disaster or anything remarkable occurred in July 1997, but the “King of Angolmois” is later revealed (in the following Beast Wars Neo) to be a dormant Unicron, and the Angolmois energy his sealed essence.
The Angolmois energy itself is something of a forbidden force, as it had been hidden away in the planet and guarded by Artemis and Moon after leading to the total destruction of the planet’s former inhabitants. These mysterious inhabitants were explained (far later, in 2005’s Robot Masters) to have been humans, as Gaia is actually one dimension’s version of a future Earth where human life has been annihilated because of its misuse of this powerful energy source. This creates a nice symmetry between the original Beast Wars (occurring on Energoa—prehistoric Earth), and Beast Wars Second (Gaia being one possible future Earth). An extremely fascinating backdrop for a series dismissed by many as being solely children’s fare.