Andrew Wildman set to Celebrate Transformers 30th Anniversary

In a recent blog post by Andrew Wildman, he says that for the Transformers 30th Anniversary he will be providing 30 copies of the convention variant cover of Transformers Regeneration one #100. He’ll be bagging and boarding each one of them and all 30 of the issues will be divided into 6 releases of 5. The Optimus Prime sketches will be auctioned off on Easter at 8 pm UK time and the auctions will continue throughout the course of the week with five sketches of Megatron, then Ultra Magnus, Galvatron, Rodimus Prime, and Bludgeon.

I am Bagging and Boarding 30 copies of the Convention Variant cover of Transformers Regeneration One #100. Each of the backing boards will have a sketch on the back. The 30 issues will be divided into 6 releases of five. There will be five sketches ofOptimus Prime. Five sketches of Megatron – ya get the idea- then Ultra MagnusGalvatronRodimus Prime and Bludgeon. The Optimus Prime sketches begin on Easter Day at 8pm UK time and runs for seven days.

The idea behind this is to not only commemorate the 30th anniversary but to enable those who can’t get to UK conventions that I am attending to be able to get a copy of the comic and a sketch. Those of you who have seen me at conventions know that I do sketches but there are, needless to say, many Transformers and comic conventions that I won’t be at. Below are the five Optimus Prime sketches that constitute this release. Its pot luck as to which bidder will get which sketch but that’s part of the fun.

As you will see below I have decided to donate all the proceeds from the fifth winning bidder to the Make-A-Wish foundation. this is my favorite charity and the one that we support as Draw the World Together. We don’t have a lot of time or facility to do much with DtWT these days so it is nice to be able to raise a bit of money for the charity.

S0. set your alarm for the start of the bid and cross your fingers.

Credit goes to -VP- of The Allspark Forums.
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