Age of Extinction Dinobot Strafe Evolution 2-pack Revealed

After the reveal of the Toys R Us exclusive Dinobot Slug Evolution 2-pack, can you guess what the Strafe Evolution 2-pack is? If you guessed anything other than Age of Extinction Strafe with DotM Rav, just…no. You’re being silly.
Because that’s exactly what the 2-pack is – Strafe with Rav! If these combinations still have you confused, you’re not the only one. However they are a nice bonus for those fans that never found the DotM Dinobot Mini-Cons. Or for those fans who bought DotM Mini-Cons with a few quality control issues.
There’s no price associated with these yet, but we’ll let you know when more information becomes available. Until then, check out the images of Strafe below and then discuss this news here.
strafe_evolution_2_pack strafe_evolution_beast strafe_evolution_robot