United EX Story #8 – “Ocean Encounter” Translation

“Ocean Encounter”
Written by Andrew Hall
Article: Might Gaine
Source: United EX Tankmaster VS Marinemaster Back of Box


It was an ambush that reversed the flow of battle. The cruel assassin Tankmaster, who had revealed himself from deep within the scrap, pressed his gun to Grimmaster’s head in lieu of an introduction.
“Death to the traitor…”
These were the only words he would utter to his targets, punctuated by a single gunshot. After solemnly speaking this phrase, he began to pull the trigger… when as if by magic, the pistol flew from his hand.
The shot had come from the glistening ocean waters. A speedboat tore through the water towards the landfill, soaring through the air and transforming as it neared land.
“An Autobot?!”
Before him was Marinemaster, who had been patrolling the ocean waters.
“Don’t get too full of yourself, kid. Want to see what I’ve up got up my sleeve?”
Tankmaster’s Targetmaster partner attached to his arm in the shape of a giant claw, ready to intercept any fire. But Marinemaster, like a hovercraft skimming across the waves, displayed the same nimble footwork on land as he fired a perfectly-aimed shot from his own Targetmaster.
“What’s wrong? If you blink, you’ll miss me!”
“I’d rather not take your life, so maybe you could give me something in return? That’s assuming you don’t want to go down with the ship alongside your captain, of course.”
Marinemaster addressed his incapacitated foe.
“You’re no executioner, boy.”
“Maybe not, but at a time like this, I’ll do what I have to.”
Marinemaster’s young face wore a conflicted expression, but Tankmaster noticed a resolve in his optics that matched his words. Perhaps this was why the captive seemed oddly quick to comply.
“My life belongs to Megatron alone. I owe nothing to the so-called “High Regent” leading our forces on Earth…”
And so, the Autobots would learn of a grand scheme in play…

Function: Assassin
Targetmaster: Wheezel

Strength 8
Intelligence 7
Speed 6
Endurance 9
Rank 8
Courage 5
Fireblast 10
Skill 8
Total 61

A hardened killer who moves behind the scenes to eliminate enemies of Megatron. Like Rollermaster, he joined Master Chaos to investigate the motives of the High Regent.

Function: Ocean Defense
Targetmaster: Rotorbolt

Strength 7
Intelligence 8
Speed 10
Endurance 7
Rank 6
Courage 7
Fireblast 8
Skill 7
Total 60

Although he only recently came online, Marinemaster has unfaltering confidence in his skill at aquatic battles. His vehicle mode speed exceeds 180 knots. Occasionally overestimates his own abilities.
The Allspark’s comments
We last saw Grimmaster in story #6, battling it out against the nigh-invincible Roadmaster.  The start of this story implies that Grimmaster was able to get the upper hand in the battle, but much like Choppermaster before him, he suddenly finds himself at the mercy of a second enemy, Tankmaster.  Luckily, Marinemaster is around to help him out!  Who are these two new Master Class/Master Chaos bots, Marinemaster and Tankmaster?
Marinemaster is a fast and daring Autobot speedboat, who only recently came online, and uses the phrase “If you blink… you’ ll miss me!” He’s actually G2 Manta Ray, and that line comes directly from Manta Ray’s tech spec quote.  The name of his targetmaster, Rotorbolt, is a reference to the Rotor Force, the propellor-launching G2 subgroup that Manta Ray hails from.
Tankmaster is definitely more of a mystery.  We have it on good authority that Tankmaster is actually the Simon Furman-created character Grindcore!  If you’re not familiar with Grindcore, he’s a recent addition to the Generation One mythos, first appearing in the IDW Transformers comics alongside Straxus.  One little hint at Tankmaster’s identity is that his profile makes a reference to him sharing Rollermaster’s (Straxus’s) goal in joining Master Chaos.  The name of Tankmaster’s minicon, Wheezel, is easier to figure out, referencing the opportunistic informant character Wheezel from the Marvel Comics story “The Smelting Pool!”
The battle between the Master Class and Master Chaos rages on–who will be the victor?!!  Stay tuned for more United EX!!