United EX Story #7 – “The Price of a Life” Translation

“The Price of a Life”
Written by Andrew Hall
Article: Might Gaine
Source: United EX Dozermaster VS Airmaster Back of Box


“Where am I…?”
Engaging his optics for the first time after falling into stasis in the mountains of Switzerland, Choppermaster was greeted with the familiar surroundings of the Autobot base. Through blurred vision, he could see Airmaster’s face.
“It’s a good thing my partner, Deduce, could use his probability assessment function to home in on that flammable gel you like so much.
Airmaster winked at his teammate, who had just been returned thanks to his rescue efforts.
“They got… their hands on the drones? Scrap!”
“Come on now, we can make new drones! Let’s just be happy you made it back with your spark intact.”
However, their reunion was suddenly cut short by a cacophonous tremor.
“You’re up, Groundbreak! Bust ‘er open!”
With the sound of this voice, a gaping fissure opened in the floor, from which emerged a Decepticon armed with a huge drill.
“How ‘bout that, doctor Dozermaster’s makin’ a house call! No thanks needed, just fork over those construction drones to Master Chaos!”
“Not a chance! But how did you manage to find…”
Airmaster wondered incredulously as he shielded Choppermaster, who had drifted back into unconsciousness during the impact.
“Little slow, ain’t ya! Your copter friend there is only alive ‘cause of Combatmaster’s plan. You didn’t just bring him back, you showed us right to your base!”
Unconcerned with being alone in an enemy base, Dozermaster grinned wildly.
“And it gets better! The tracking beacon on your cannon-fodder pal there has got a nice bomb inside. So, the detonator for the drones. Not a bad trade-off, right?”
Thanking the maker that his teammate couldn’t hear him, Airmaster wasted not a second in giving his decision.
“I’ve had enough of these struggles for power… My sole duty is to save the lives of my friends!”

Function: Front-line defense
Targetmaster: Groundbreak

Strength 8
Intelligence 3
Speed 4
Endurance 8
Rank 4
Courage 8
Fireblast 6
Skill 5
Total 46

A combative and short-tempered Decepticon who, despite his attitude, specializes in recon missions. Uses his shovel and saw wheel to clear away enemies.

Function: Rescue Technician
Targetmaster: Deduce

Strength 5
Intelligence 7
Speed 9
Endurance 5
Rank 5
Courage 6
Fireblast 4
Skill 8
Total 49

A cheerful Autobot who makes saving the lives of teammates his top priority. Was once stationed in the same aerial unit as Jetmaster and Choppermaster.
The Allspark’s comments
This chapter of  United EX follows up on the status of Choppermaster, who was put out of commission by Combatmaster back in story #3.  We’re introduced to two new Master Class/Master Chaos bots, Airmaster and Dozermaster, and their aptly named Targetmaster partners, Deduce and Groundbreak.
Dozermaster is a short-tempered Decepticon construction vehicle whose function is “front-line defense”–He’s actually the G2 Autoroller Roadblock.
Airmaster is an upbeat jet who was part of the same team as Jetmaster and Choppermaster–he is in fact Sky High from the Micromaster Air Patrol.  This story draws on Sky High’s Dreamwave MTMTE bio, which states: “His optimistic outlook often blinds him to risks and consequences.”  Indeed, in this story Airmaster misinterprets the rescue of Choppermaster as mere good luck, leaving him unaware that it could be a trap.
Lastly, here’s a neat fact about this set: We have it on good authority that the names of the Targetmaster partners are a subtle shout out to the world’s most avid Mini-con collector, Greg Black!  Groundbreak’s initials “GB” are the same as Greg’s, and the name “Deduce” is a play on Greg’s username “Mrduce”.
With the Construction Drones now in Decepticon control, will the Autobots be able to defeat Master Chaos?!  Stay tuned for more United EX!!