United EX Story #4 – “Weapons of a New Generation” Translation

“Weapons of a New Generation”
Writer: Andrew Hall
Article: Might Gaine
Source: United EX Racemaster Back of Box


The young Autobot Racemaster was in the middle of transporting his assigned drones. Despite the incredible speed with which he had been imbued, he had little choice but to obey the speed limit of Earth to the letter of the law.
“Choppermaster, what could’ve happened to you? Did you get caught in a batalla that put you in stasis?” To an Autobot born with a mental acuity that outpaced his current movement speed many times over, this regulated drive seemed nothing more than a dull errand. As his processor speed alone continued to rise, the transport trailers that flanked him appeared to drift in slow motion.
“Wait… If the Decepticons did get their hands on the drones, that means I’m about to…!”
Suddenly, as if to confirm Racemaster’s suspicions, his sensors lit up and a hail of missiles rained down around him.
“Your little drive ends here, boy. You may choose between surrendering the drones, or facing certain destruction at my hands!”
As Combatmaster emerged from behind the girder of a bridge, Racemaster observed the four drones stationed atop buildings around the highway, each with their weapons pointed squarely towards him.
“Resist if you like… but I believe the drones you transport are still unequipped. Do you really intend to fight me barehanded?” Combatmaster inquired smugly.
Hearing Combatmaster’s challenge, a bold grin flashed onto Racemaster’s face.
“You must’ve put a lot of effort into positioning your ambush just right. I see you’ve got a lot of confidence in your tactics… But I’ve still got the ultimate weapon on my side!”
No sooner had Racemaster spoken these words than his drones burst out from their trailers, moving in unison with him as they tore off with blinding speed. Thought and decision in a split-second. The sheer speed of Racemaster’s calm mind was truly his greatest weapon.
“Going at it head-on isn’t the only way to fight, hombre! This is what we Earthlings call a brave retreat!”
Combatmaster made haste to combine with his drones, but the five targets nimbly dodged his all-out assault, soon disappearing from view.
Function: Vanguard Musketeer

[Prime Mode]
Strength 5 9
Intelligence   10 10
Speed 9 10
Endurance 4 8
Rank 6 6
Courage 7 8
Fireblast 6 10
Skill 6 8
Total 53 69

A young musketeer who was trained by a previous chief commander at the Autobot base in Spain. Extremely intelligent, he is favored to become a future leader.
Rapide Drone:
A car drone that emits a gas that weakens the structural integrity of metals. Transforms into an arm.
Agile Drone:
A car drone with excellent handling ability. Transforms into an arm.
Schnell Drone:
A car drone that maintains top speeds even over off-road terrain. Transforms into a leg.
Depressa Drone:
A car drone that can achieve flight for short distances. Transforms into a leg.
Racemaster Prime Mode:
By combining with his four drones, Racemaster greatly increases the speed of not just his movement, but of his mental processes as well. His ability to thereby anticipate almost any possible course of action makes it seem as if he is predicting the future.
The Allspark’s comments
In this chapter of United EX, Racemaster’s speed and swift decision-making enable him to secure his drones and get away unscathed from Combatmaster’s ambush.  We learn a bit about Racemaster’s abilities, his past, and we finally see things start to turn around a little bit for the Autobots.  When I read Racemaster’s bio, I can’t help but think of his Prime Mode as something like Computron meets Blurr–truly a combination to be reckoned with!
In the previous chapters, we are reintroduced to some G1 veterans who have transitioned to new powerful Master Class and Master Chaos forms.   In this chapter, we meet a young Autobot who has not yet earned his place among the Autobot elite:
Racemaster is in fact Rapido, the bot who would go on to become the highly ranked platoon leader of the Axelerators in G2.  Although Rapido has not appeared in much fiction, this United EX story draws on elements from his old G2 tech spec and his G2 Redux portayl: extremely intelligent, an unusually high-ranking Autobot, and of course having a penchant for breaking into Spanish dialog.  The story also alludes to Racemaster’s mentor being a former Autobot chief commander.  Some subtle clues–Racemaster’s flame deco and his “vanguard” function–imply that his mentor was Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime.  The lines in the story about Rapido’s mind being his greatest weapon are a double reference to Rodimus’ line in “The Ultimate Weapon” and Rapido’s tech spec quote.
That’s it for this chapter of United EX.  Stay tuned for more soon!