United EX Story #3 – “Prelude to the Siege” Translation

“Prelude to the Siege”
Written by Andrew Hall
Article: Might Gaine
Source: United EX Combatmaster Back of Box


The battle between Autobot and Decepticon for the Power Core Drones was one that would determine the course of a new generation. Two Transformers crouched in the snow, both precariously low on energy. Around them were scattered four drones. Then, laughter rang out beside them.
“You should know that victory all comes down to strategy… Unite!”
As another Transformer, Combatmaster, calmly appeared on the battlefield, the four drones obeyed his will and merged together with him.
“Ung.. How could the Decepticons know about the project… They’ve got their own Master Class?”
Paying little attention to the gravely wounded Choppermaster, the cool-headed strategist Combatmaster lifted his injured comrade up off the ground.
“We’re called ‘Master Chaos.’ Of course, you’ll be the first and the last Autobot to ever know that name. Farewell.”
Speaking these words, Combatmaster fired off a barrage that struck the snowy slopes far above them. Moments later, the area resonated with a soft echo. The sound grew louder and louder, and soon a thundering avalanche swept toward them. Leaving the wounded Autobot to meet his fate, Combatmaster flew off into the distance.
Inside the secret Decepticon underground base, Combatmaster saluted the visage that appeared on a wall monitor.
“Very soon, High Regent. All of the Power Core Drones will be under our control.”
The figure he addressed showed not even a hint of emotion in response, with a face as expressionless as a mask.
“Use the combiner created from your data as a diversion… While the Autobots are occupied, we shall seize victory. We are the rightful masters of the next generation.”

Function: Strategic Commander

[Prime Mode]
Strength 8 10
Intelligence 8 8
Speed 3 7
Endurance 7 10
Rank 8 8
Courage 6 10
Fireblast 8 10
Skill 9 9
Total 57 72

A strategist who has been active seen the early stages of the war. Usually prefers to issue commands to his subordinates rather than enter battle himself.
Morser Drone:
A missile tank drone that transforms into an arm.
Panzer Drone:
A heavily armored tank drone that transforms into an arm.
Kanonier Drone:
An APC drone that uses a machinegun to attack. Transforms into a leg.
Spaher Drone:
An armored car drone used for scouting. Transforms into an arm.
Combatmaster Prime Mode:
Combining with the four Combat Drones gives Combatmaster full command of power that formerly required five Transformers to harness. Its awesome firepower can obliterate targets from dozens of kilometers away.
The Allspark’s comments
This chapter of the United EX fiction picks up shortly after the previous one, with Rollermaster and Choppermaster nearing the end of a tough, drawn-out battle.  We are introduced to a new Power Core Combiner, Combatmaster, who uses the opportunity to finish the battle and take the combat drones for himself.  Combatmaster’s skill in strategy and his previous life as a combiner strongly imply he is Onslaught in a new form.  Careful readers will notice the reference to a robot created from his data and shown on one of the screens in the illustration–Yep, that’s Battle Gaia!
With the inclusion of Battle Gaia in this chapter, we now know these stories are happening around the same time as Operation Combination, the final chapter of Japanese G1, in which Guard City and the Micromaster Combiners defend Earth from Battle Gaia and others. The “diversion” described in United EX may be Battle Gaia’s battle with Guard City and the other Autobots described in the pages of TV Magazine.  Whereas the TV Magazine story portrays the battle as an embarrassing defeat for the Decepticons, we now learn the truth: it was a set-up to distract the Autobots from Master Chaos’ capture of all the Power Core Drones!  Certainly a very different spin on the events told in the old TV Magazine story pages.
This chapter also introduces the mysterious head villain, who is shown instructing Combatmaster in the illustration.  Addressed as “high regent” (“soutou”), and possessing a mask-like face, who is this mysterious Decepticon pulling the strings behind Master Chaos?!
Stayed tuned for more United EX!!