The Great (Scott) HUVr Board Hoverboard Hoax of 2014

Two things happened today that I thought I’d never live to see — Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD started getting good and we learned that hoverboards are real!
Sadly, while SHIELD getting good is still up for debate, the other is verified as being absolutely not true. It all started when Allspark user Random Items brought to my attention a youtube video proclaiming that hoverboards were not only possible, they currently existed and were being produced by a company called HUVr and would be out by the end of the year.
In the video that follows, (which already has over 1 millions views) we see not only hoverboards in action, just as they were portrayed in Back to the Future II, but we see a slew of celebrity endorsements from musicians, actors and even Doc Brown himself Christopher Lloyd.

 Not surprisingly, the internet — you know, which ironically seemingly didn’t exist in Marty’s 2015 — is a buzz with where to get one, when they will be available and how much they will cost. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait much longer than the end of the year to strap one of these on our feet and start cruising the town square. After a bit of discussion and a few theories as to why this fabrication has been created (and yes, I suppose hoax is a little harsh) we’re left wondering if this isn’t an early April Fool’s day joke or perhaps a very successful viral marketing campaign. Whatever it is, “real life hoverboards” isn’t one of the options, as this notion was quickly debunked by not only a few users in our thread but by another astute youtuber who posted this rebuttal.

The youtube channel “Internet is my only friend” shows us in slow motion what we all should have known from the start. This was shot as a stunt using cranes and harnesses and oversold by enthusiastic endorsements (See around 4:30 of the original video to get a glimpse of the crane that is likely swinging people around).
But, dreams don’t want to die, which is evidenced by the fact that in contrast to HUVr’s video having over 1 million views, the debunking video has less than 15,000 at this time.
As it stands right now, the only way we’re going to get a real hoverboard by the year 2015 is if someone 50 years in the future invents one and then travels back in time with it to promote the Back to the Future trilogy re-release on Blu Ray.