TakaraTomy Generations Infiltrator Starscream Delayed

Million Publishing’s Generations Fall of Cybertron Infiltrator Starscream has been delayed from his March 25th, 2014 ship date.  The good news is that he’s only been delayed to March 31st, 2014.  Infiltrator Starscream is a redeco of the original Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream in clear plastics to mimic his cloaking ability in the Fall of Cybertron video game and the additions of Sideswipe’s Path Blaster and Shockwave’s Photon Burst Rifle in addition to Starscream’s standard Neutron Assault Rifle.  Residents of Japan who purchased a copy of Million Publishing’s Transformers Generations 2013 book were able to send away for Infiltrator Starscream several months ago.
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