Simon Furman & Andrew Wildman’s Script (W)raps on “Regeneration One” #100

Regeneration One #100 is, in the words of Simon Furman, “…over, finished!”. Furman posted his thoughts about the final issue of Regeneration One #100, such as things tying way back in the early 1990s, as well thanking the various artists that has worked on the issue. ComicsVerse has also interviewed up regarding Regen One #100!
Furman added that on Saturday, March 29, he, John Barber, Geoff Senior, Jason Cardy, John-Paul Bove, and Stephen Baskerville will be at Orbital Comics in Central London for a signing from 2PM to 4PM.
Artist Andrew Wildman posted on his Facebook some quick thoughts on the finale as well, plus a video clip of him in action (sped up) on the drawing board.

It finally ends. 30 years in the making. The conclusion to one of the greatest epics in popular culture reaches its end with The Transformers ReGeneration One issue 100 (in a four issue limited series)
I would have loved to have drawn the whole series but had to step away for a while. Great to have Guido Guidi step up to the plate for the rest of the series and great to have Guido, Geoff Senior and myself team up to pencil the final issue. Many thanks for Simon Furman’s words, Stephen Baskerville‘s inks, John-Paul Bove‘s colours, Jason Cardy‘s cover colours, John Barber‘s patience and to all the fans for making this project happen in the first place and for coming along for this amazing journey.
And as a little treat, here is me pencilling my final page. Yes, I really am that fast 🙂

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