Ramondelli, Griffith, & Sorenson as Guests at TransForMarket 2014

For those headed to Tokyo, or those already living in Japan, hope you’re ready for TransForMarket 2014! This fan-run event will be gathering a couple familiar names that have worked on Transformers!
US guests named so far includes artists Andrew Griffith (Robots in Disguise, Spotlight: Jazz, Last Stand of the Wreckers) and Livio Ramondelli (RiD, Autocracy, Monstrosity), as well writer Jim Sorenson (The Ark, AllSpark Almanac, The Art of Prime). For the Japanese guests, Naoto Tsushima (Henkei! Henkei!, All Spark, Mission GT-R) and Hayato Sakamoto (online Takara Kre-O comics and Timeless) will show up! There’s also some secret guests as well!
TransForMarket 2014 will be held at the Rinya Assembly Hall in Tokyo, Bunkyo ward, on April 20, 2014. Voice your thoughts at our discussion thread!