New TRU Exclusives – Then and Now Optimus Prime, MP Prowl, MP Sunstorm?

We’ve all read the rumors and speculation about possible upcoming Masterpieces from Hasbro including Toys R Us exclusive versions Masterpiece Prowl and Sunstorm. Well now 2005 Boards member Icespark has found a series of apparently internal Toys R Us images showing those two exclusives as well as a 2-pack of Optimus Prime toys called “Then and Now”. This 2-pack shows images of HTS “Hybrid Style” Optimus Prime along with another take on “Evasion mode” Optimus Prime from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.
If real, all of the images are FAR from final – Prowl using stock Takara Tomy images for both modes, Sunstorm using stock Takara Tomy imagery for vehicle mode…and a fan custom for robot mode – but they might give further credence to existing rumors.
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