New BotCon Tornado Facebook Log Entry Hints at Possible BotCon 2014 Exclusives

Decepticon Saboteur and Star Seeker Tornado has taken to Facebook to report on one of his fellow crew mates aboard the Tidalwave; Axor.  While the story focuses on his interaction with Axor and Axor’s infatuation with destroying Autobot space craft, Axor mentions a particular Autobot bounty hunter that’s been giving the Decepticons trouble lately.  The list of Autobot bounty hunters is small, and a recent tweet from BotCon’s Twitter page states that this Monday’s reveal will be an Autobot Knight instead of a Decepticon Pirate.  Could this Autobot Bounty Hunter be the next BotCon 2014 reveal?  Is Axor also one of The possible exclusives?
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