MP-21 Bumblebee Prototype Pic

Who doesn’t like the Volkswagen Beetle? They’re classic little bugs, no pun intended. And for fans of the original G1 Bumblebee waiting for his Masterpiece toy, TakaraTomy desginer Shogo Hasui has revealed a photo of the prototype MP-21 Bumblebee! One thing that sharp eyed fans will notice is that Bumblebee’s arms looks to be hollow, evident from his right arm.
For a rough translation of Hasui’s tweet: “Lifting the info ban on the newest work of the MP series, ‘MP-21 Bumblebee’. The Volkswagen license for the Beetle that Bumblebee transforms from has finally been realized. Please stay tune for upcoming size and gimmicks that will be tweeted.”
Also, on Amazon Japan’s listing, their exclusive will be the battle mask version, based on his original toy’s face.

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