Microblaze Creations announces SDCC/Platnium parts for free

Microblaze Creations has announced new versions of their upgrade kit for Fall of Cybertron Bruticus.
This is a from Microblaze Creations Facebook page:

Microblaze Action!!
You can get it at BBTS, Kapowtoys, Robotkingdom, TFClub, TFH, TFsource and Upgrade Commander !!!
Thank you all for showing your interests to our product. We have reviewed your request for the compatibility of versions in different colors. We’ll give free extra replaceable parts for Platinum/SDCC color version if you purchase MBC002 before 3/25/2014 . …
The set of parts is MBC002-P which shows as picture. This event is easy to upgrade SDCC/Platinum versions. We’ll also give free if you already bought now or you’ll have to purchase this extra set after 3/25/2014.
Please get ready and embrace your micro blaze of heart !! ( The planning of Takara/G2/Wreckers versions will be announced in June. )